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Guide to using HDR Photography for Panoramas and 360 Virtual Tours

What is HDR? High dynamic range (or HDR) photography is a technique that allows a photographer to take the same image at different exposures and then blend them together to produce one image that features the best exposed parts from each of the images. For a virtual tour this is particularly useful as most Virtual tours rely on a 360 degree perspective so...

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What Equipment Do You Need To Shoot Panoramas For Virtual Tours?

This guide discusses the essential and not so essential equipment that you need to create panoramic photographs for use when filming a virtual tour. I will discuss in some detail what you should be thinking about when you are buying this equipment and why, the problems that each piece of equipment addresses and most importantly the areas where splashing...

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How to Create a Virtual Tour

This guide is an overview of the basic principles of how to create a virtual tour. While not delving deeply into any one particular aspect of virtual tour production this guide should help you understand the steps you should be thinking about when approaching virtual tours and panoramic photography in general. Equipment They say a bad workman blames his...

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