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How to complete the floor of a Panorama

You may have noticed on many virtual tours the floor is not quite complete. The floor is ‘stamped’ usually by the logo of the company creating the virtual tour or the company’s logo for whom the virtual tour was made for. This is because to put in the floor (and make your panorama really 360 x 180) is quite a difficult task and can extend...

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Route 2 Fitness

After attending a meeting with the owners of a private gym just outside the small town of Devizes in Wiltshire, the Lion Tree Virtual Tours team were faced with their largest project to date. We arrived with the intention to discuss the possibility of a virtual tour but not only did Route 2 Fitness want a three scene virtual tour but also a website to host...

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    We would happily recommend Lion Tree to anyone thinking of using their tours as sales tools, we have found them invaluable to our business.
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