Lion Tree Highlights of 2012

Lion Tree has just seen its first new years and looking back at 2012 it’s been quite a year. From the production of our first virtual tour to the complete online package for Route 2 Fitness it will be one to remember. Here are the top 3 projects that we’ve picked out for both quality and personal reasons:


Villiers Sur Yonne was one of our first commissions outside the UK and we were very excited to be shooting such a beautiful house. Set deep the French countryside miles from any major town it was the perfect setting for a virtual tour. Our luck continued throughout filming as the weather got better and better throughout our stay. We especially enjoyed capturing the early morning on top of the village bridge over the canal.
Our biggest bit of luck came when we shot the weir in the afternoon and found a log had got caught on top of the waterfall. This scene is still my favourite panorama to date.


After returning from a hugely successful tour of Corfu and Paxos we were already looking for our next big challenge. In November we approached a local gym with the idea of increasing their footfall using virtual tours. During the initial meeting we were commissioned a lot more than we bargained for and the challenge we were looking for had fallen straight onto our laps. Not only did the Route 2 Fitness require a virtual tour but also a website, promotional video and photographic stills.
7th December 2012 the new Route 2 Fitness website went live featuring their virtual tour (which included videos) all original photography and a two and a half minute promotional video. The entire project prompted the birth of Lion Tree Media (


Our favourite project of 2012 had to go to Spiantzi. It was not until we got there did we decide to venture out in the canoe to get the panorama that would feature on our home page for some time. We also had a lot of fun during the filming process which included trips to their private beach. But it wasn’t until the tour went live on our website that we realised the magic of Spiantzi continued. Some of our friends parents had had a look at our website and realised they had stayed at Spiantzi 30 years previously. We received a very nice letter thanking us for reminding them of the great time they had on Paxos.

2012 is the birth year of Lion Tree and will be a special date to us. We now have to move on and are gearing up for Meribel later this month. We already have a number of Chalets booked and are looking for to showing the world the three valleys.