Tan is 12 years old and grew up in Hong Kong. His parents want to send him to school in England to learn a second language and experience a different culture. Tan is excited about choosing his school but also a little scared about moving to a country he has never visited and his parents were worried about sending him to the wrong place. After looking online Tan and his parents found a school whose website features a virtual tour. Tan was able to explore this school from his laptop dissipating his fears of an unknown place and after his parents saw the amazing facilities, beautiful grounds and great location of the school they made an informed decision to send him there.
Ted loves Golf, he has travelled all over the world to golf courses in 4 continents, he wants to come to Scotland to experience the home of Golf but he doesn’t know which club to go to. Eventually he finds a club with a virtual tour showing him the wide open greens, rolling hills and tough bunkers he has dreamed about. He also falls in love with the honeymoon suite with its view of the 18th and decides to book his anniversary there. Ted’s wife was initially unconvinced but after exploring their extensive spa facilities, indoor pool and sauna during her lunch break decides its the getaway she always wanted.
Milly is worried about booking the family holiday. Last year she booked a beautiful villa in Italy, the pictures showed long sandy beaches, olive groves and a secluded villa. When they had arrived they found that the sandy beach was on the side of a motor way, the olive groves were an hour away from where they were staying and the villa was in between a night club and the construction site of a new multi story car park. This year she exclusively considers villas that feature a virtual tour. She ends up picking a 12 person villa in Paxos, and using the virtual tour is able to see that the villa is secluded, the olive fields roll down to the beach not a stones through from the pool and there is not another dwelling in site. Milly went back to the same Villa for the next 3 years.
After several years working for someone else Claude opened his own vineyard. His wine is delicious and wins several awards for taste and bouquet. Although he sells some of his wine to suppliers, many of his competitors are making money through in house wine tasting and online sales, services he would like to emulate. Although he has a website it doesn’t have many visitors and those that do find it just take a quick look at and quickly move on. Claude commissions a virtual tour of the vineyard with a voice over detailing how the wine is pressed and fermented. He uses this as a PR piece and soon he discovers that thousands of people are visiting his site to see the virtual tour and many are browsing for ten minutes or more learning about his wine. His sales improve and enquires for wine tasting and a live tour increase exponentially.